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John Lindsey

All Q'ued Up

John Lindsey grew up cooking with his grandmother in the small town of Harrisburg, Ar. At the young age of 3 years old, John’s grandmother would stand him up in a chair in the kitchen and let him watch in amazement as some of the best soul food dishes were prepared on an old-fashioned wood-fired stove in an old-time way. It was these experiences with his grandmother Lille Mae that shaped and piqued his interest in cooking for others. That love of cooking has been a part of John all of his life. Finally, in 2015, John decided to bring his love for cooking and competition together when he entered his first bbq competition in Kennett Mo one Memorial Day Weekend. 

When the dust settled, John walked away from his very first bbq competition with 2 top 5 finishes in chicken and pork and the rest is history. After a great run on the KCBS BBQ Circuit, John started cooking in the Steak Cookoff Association in 2017 and fell in love with the SCA and competition steak cooking after he won his very first cook in White Hall, Ar. Since then, John has cooked hundreds of competitions and had many wins on the competition circuit.

John Lindsey is the Grillmaster of the All Q’ued Up Competition Cooking team and is a sought after grilling instructor, teacher, and talk show personality. He has a full line of seasonings and rubs and is a co host of the popular facebook cooking talk show, Arkassippi Smoke Live.

The following is a list of just some of John’s accomplishments:

  • Co-Host Arkassippi Smoke Live
  • Member of Hasty Bake Pro Staff
  • We have a full line of All Q'ued Up Rubs on the market and a sauce coming soon. The All Q’ued Up Rockin’ Rooster Poultry Seasoning was voted the NBBQA 1st Place  Poultry Rub for 2021. 
  • Active social media including Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube.
  • Active guest on several popular podcasts and talk shows including The Butcher BBQ Podcast, BBQ Champs Live, The Pitmasters Podcast, The Tailgate Guys Podcast, The BBQ Beat w/ Kevin Sandridge, and The Earl Ferral Show on The Voice FM 107.9.
  • Member of Royal Oak Pro Staff
  • Member of the BBQ Champs Academy team of Pimasters and Grillmasters with a full tell all SCA Masterclass video series at bbqchamps.com.
  • 2018 Steak Cookoff Association Newcomer Of The Year
  • 2018 SCA National Points Race 4th place finisher
  • 2019 SCA National Points Race Champion Runner Up
  • 2020 Winner and Grand Champion of BBQ Champs Academy Ultimate Steak Showdown steak competition.
  • 2020 SCA Ambassador Of The Year
  • 4 time Qualifier for the SCA World Championship
  • Crowned Grand Champion at the first ever SCA QUAD event in Azle, Tx.

Ronald Burns

Hotty Totty BBQ Crew LLC

Our journey started in competitive BBQ in 2009 when my sons and I cooked a backyard competition in Columbus, MS. This journey began as a hobby just to have fun and spend time together. As time went on and our competitive spirits became stronger, we decided to start cooking the KCBS circuit locally. The journey evolved into regular practice sessions to hopefully become competitive.

As the years passed, we became more competitive and walked the stage numerous times in chicken, pork, ribs and brisket. We won numerous grand championships and received invitations to compete at the American Royal World Series of BBQ and The Jack Daniels World Championship.

As the world of competitive BBQ became more specialized, we started looking for another competitive outlet.
  • In 2017 I cooked my first Steak Cookoff Association steak contest and was hooked immediately. Since then my wife(Melissa), two sons(Beau and Clint) and I compete on a regular basis in the SCA circuit.
  • In 2019 my wife and I competed in the SCA World Championship and Kickoff Classic. We both were able to walk the stage in these events.
  • In 2020 my year kicked off with a 1st place win at The Shed in Ocean Springs, MS with @200 teams from all over the country.

When the dust settled in 2020 I had 7 wins in SCA contests and 25 top 10 calls in 8 states, cooking a total of 60 contests.

I finished in 14th place in the USA Ace Hardware Points Chase. I have developed 4 seasonings and a BBQ Sauce in my career with the last one be our Climax AP which has proven results across the country and in Europe. My other seasonings are Bovine Delight, 38 Special, and Rib Rub. Our seasonings are in locations from Utah to Pennsylvania and we are working on shipping to Europe. Competing is a passion for me and my family and we are very proud of the results of our products in BBQ and steak competitions across the country.

One of my proudest moments was when I teamed up with John Lindsey of All Qued Up Competition Team. John and I host the Arkassippi Smoke Live show weekly. We sum up the week's competitions and highlight special guests from the competitive circle as well. We have a host of followers to view and watch out show weekly. This has been especially helpful due to the current health crisis to bring people together to listen, learn and participate in the competitive cooking sport we all love and consider it our passion. We love our SCA family for the support they have shown us and our show over the past several months.

Bio Summary

  • Started competing in bbq contest in 2009 with two sons
  • Won multiple Grand Championships in KCBS and various Backyard Competitions
  • Started Steak Cookoff Association in 2017 cooking a few contests
  • 2018 Team had 6 members qualify for 2019 SCA World Championship
  • 2020 my wife Melissa joined me in cooking over 100 SCA events, I had 7 wins with 29 top tens in 60 events.
  • Entire team had 10 wins and over 50 top ten finishes.
  • 4 team members qualified for 2021 SCA World Championship
  • Ronald finished 14th in the Ace Hardware national points chase
  • 2020 join John Lindsey of All Qued Up to co host Arkassippi Smoke Live Facebook Live show dedicated to SCA and all things cooking.
  • 2020 joined John Lindsey’s All Qued Up to form Team Arkassippi, members dedicated to cooking SCA and other BBQ circuits. Our seasonings together form the Arkassippi Combo, one of the winningest combo on the SCA circuit.
  • Team members, Ronald, Melissa, Beau and Clint Burns, Richey and Jessica Livingston, Jason Ramey, Tweet Garvin and Bubba Pounds.
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